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2 x Shingleback lizards, 3yo male/female couple, complete setup including terrarium and all accessories $1250



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May 15, 2022
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2 x lovely Shingleback (Tiliqua rugosa) lizards looking for a new home
Located on Hope Island, Gold Coast, QLD

Male/Female couple, 3 years old (Mike Kennedy and Dora The Explorer)

Complete setup including:

1 x Reptile One Terrarium RTF-1260HTD (120x60x60)
1 x Eco Tech Advanced Reptile Thermostat, Dimming + spare
2 x Reptile One Ceramic Heat Lamp Socket E27 with Reflector 150w
1 x Reptile One Ceramic Heat Lamp Socket E27
3 x Reptile One Internal Heat Lamp Holder
2 x 150W Ceramic Heat Light + spare
1 x 50W Purple Night Light
1 x T8 UV Light Unit with Reflector 36" Black
1 x Reptile One Tube UVB T8 10.0 30W
1 x Exo Terra Reptile Cave Medium
1 x Exo Terra Reptile Cave XXL
1 x Reptile Hide Cave Oval Red Large
2 x Hanging forest plants
1 x Plastic cactus
1 x Reptile Driftwood
1 x Dinosaur Skull
2-3 x Vetafarm Lizard Food 350g
Water bowl, food trays

Contact number: 0424220706

Standard Native Animal Keeping Licence required

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