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NSW 6 in 1 Reptile Display Case for Sale - Price Negotiable! - With Free Extras



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Nov 17, 2019
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I have a reptile display case, it was made with premium timber that has been completely waterproofed. 4 of the enclosures have been set up with live plants as can be seen from the photo. No reptiles have been in the enclosures making it perfect for someone as it is one less thing you'll need to set up. I also have lights that have barely been used, only turned on to take photos plus new lights that have never been used.

The three levels can be pulled apart for easy moving, everything has locks and doors are made with glass. There are storage spaces are above the enclosures so lighting and heating is hidden from view. There are also shelves at the back for power cables and storage. It has 6 heavy duty castor wheels and is structurally sound as I had an engineer and carpenter build this.

Dimensions (approx.) 1.9m W x 2.3m H x 0.7m D
Price $5,500 - negotiable
Pick up or delivery available.
Delivery fee will be added to agreed price.
If you are interested please feel free to email me at [email protected]
I am happy to provide more details and answer any questions.

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