A question of heat and my Stimsons python.

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Shakina’s mum

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May 16, 2022
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Newbie to the forum here. We’ve had our 14yr old Stimmy Shakina since she was about 3 months old. For about the last 10yrs she has been in a 4ft all glass with 1/2mesh top enclosure. We have always heated her enclosure with a red light (at one end on top, outside of enclosure, with thermostat). She also has a heat rock she loves inside one of her hides. In recent years we seem to be having to replace the red light about every 6weeks. We use to use exo terra brand that lasted a good few months, but have only been able to locally source the reptile one brand which seems to be inferior. My question is there a better alternative out there? Have read about heat mats but with enclosure being the size it is trying to lift to add a heat mat isnt an option at this stage.
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Jan 4, 2020
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Something like these would be the go. You can try different wattages to see what suits your enclosure.

If the enclosure is glass bottom you can use a heat mat externally underneath, with another 'stat - inkbirds are pretty good for mats.

If it's melamine bottom, you could make a heat tile with a chord. Do some googling or whatever to see the different ways people make them.

045.jpg 046.jpg

You can customise these to any size or shape - again, an inkbird 'stat will work fine for regulating the temp.

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