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Aug 13, 2021
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Hi! I have recently got a albino Darwin python, she’s in a glass 45x45x30 tank with a mesh lid on top. I have a 100w ceramic bulb with dome sitting on top of the mesh pointing into the rear left corner over the hide. This is hooked to a thermostat at 33 degrees. I struggle a night to keep the temp over 29degrees unless I also turn the heat Matt on which is under the left half of the tank. But with both turned on, the hide reaches 39 degrees (which is way to hot). Also iv noticed that she’s only ever outside of the hide unless she’s literally eating her food. Currently I have just the heat bulb on and the tank is sitting at 30.1 inside the hide and 30.2 outside at the front of the tank where she’s sitting.. early hours of the morning this drops to 27-28degrees.

does anybody have tips? Maybe something to cover the mesh lid to stop heat escaping? Is this too hot? Too cold?


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Jan 8, 2019
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these tanks are useless for snakes, was this a "reptile starter kit"

You're gonna have to cover the sides and back+ the top with styrofoam or cardboard

CHE are useless in this setup, rather than pushing heat down like most globes, CHE push the heat outwards, essentially heating the whole enclosure (not to mention they arent very safe when used incorrectly)

29c at night is fine

Change just to a 7w heat mat, stuck to the glass underneath roughly 1/3rd of the enlcosure, ditch the CHE, place the thermostat probe on the floor above the heat mat

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Jul 31, 2019
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Hi Corey.jones
I would run the heat mat through the thermostat, and replace the CHE with an incandescent bulb on a timer. I aim for temps in the mid 30s during the day, and let the hot end get down to low 20s over night. You can run the heat mat and light bulb through dimmer switches to help get the correct temps as well. Good luck.

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