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Albino Olive Python Female

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Jun 28, 2004
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Lovely female Olive Python, coming up to a year old (currently 11 months).

She’s in good health, no problems, gorgeous looking snake!

Great opportunity to get a female albino at a great price, and if you plan to breed your own albino Olives, be a year ahead in breeding schedule compared to buying one in the upcoming season, or just have a head start in having a gorgeous, big, beautiful white Olive girl to admire and enjoy!

Pick up in Melbourne, contact free delivery within Melbourne available, get in touch for details about delivery/freight outside Melbourne.

$2850 with perhaps a little wiggle room if you can pick her up before next weekend.

Call/SMS 0424 681 021
email [email protected]
Or contact me through this site.

Over 25 years experience in breeding reptiles, help and advice available for buyers.

Lovely Olive face.jpg

Olive extend.jpg

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