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Antaresia collection for sale

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Dec 9, 2011
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Hi all,
for personal reason I am selling all my collection, some animals are already gone so I will post here what I still have.
all animals are adults
2 children's patternless females 100% het t+ - 2years, $350 each
pair spotted 100% het granite (proved) - 4 years, $2000 pair
Stimson male t+ - 2year (bred by David Evans) , $700
Stimson female 100% het t+ - 3years (bred by David Evans), $600
pair spotted 100%het albino (male proved, Bred by Progressive Pythons Australia) - 2years, $1000 pair
Stimson Wheatbelt female - 5year, $400
Stimson Windorah t+ female - 2 years, $500
Blonde spotted female - 4years, $400
I am located in Cairns so the freight is an extra.
If you are interested, send me a message so I can reply with pics and more details
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