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Jun 29, 2021
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My daughters ball python escaped his tank about a week ago. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for noodle.
I been keeping an eye on our cat so I can catch him before she does. I walked in my bathroom a couple days ago and saw droplets of blood on the floor and found noodle balled up on my bedroom floor. He wasn't bleeding but I could see some puncture marks on his midsection.
I put him under his heat lamp to get him warmed up and been keeping an eye on him.
He was in his water dish yesterday but I noticed half of his body is upside down. His midsection is swollen which I understand with him being bit. Do you think his back may be broken? What would cause him to be like that?
I'm going to call around tomorrow and hopefully can find a vet that can help me with him.
I'm so hurt that I can't do anything. I home someone can give me some advice.


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Nov 11, 2020
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Central Maryland, USA
Taking him to the vet immediately is the #1 thing to do. Keep him plenty warm, try to let him rest and stay immobilized in case there is a fracture, and get him in to see the doc.

Cat bites can be fatal, even for humans. Their mouths are filthy with dangerous bacteria. A friend of my mom's was bitten by her own cat and had to be hospitalized for weeks with the threat of amputation of the bitten hand. The infection rate of these puncture wounds is VERY high, so no matter what, the vet needs to see him right now.

Regarding 'half of his body is upside-down', this sounds bad and could very well indicate a broken spine if the transition from right side up to upside-down is abrupt. If he's just in there and his body gradually turns over, it may be due 'only' to swelling or discomfort. Again, the vet will be able to tell and treat appropriately.

I wish you the best of luck!

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