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Aug 7, 2014
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Minneapolis, USA
It's been a long while since I have stopped in here. Too long, but I'm happy to see this board is still in service. Most forums are dying out. One of my favorites is no longer alive.

If anybody still remembers who I am, you'll remember my last animal was a beautiful, male SD X Dwarf, Tiger retic. That chap didn't get on well with me once he clicked beyond his 3rd birthday.
He became a monster, not in the size sense, although over 8 feet. (2.4 meters?) His male, combative behavior was constant and I eventually took a nasty bite (by my standards). It was the 3rd bite and final straw. He was re-homed with a well know breeder here in my state. I gave him a good try, I loved his color/pattern and his activity. But not much else about him was appealing.

The collection dropped to 3 after his departure. We have a Royal python. a locality boa constrictor and a Coastal carpet mutt. The carpet is crossed with something and I could care less, she's wonderful.

Now on to the current state of affairs.

Prior to getting the retic I thought long and hard about a locality coastal, or a Bredli. I should have gone with my gut feeling.

This time around, I did.
Here is Kevin, he's a September 2017. Male, Morelia Bredli.

This is the background.

What a species! The breeder (Nick Mutton) keeps his males fairly small, which is understandable so Kevin has a bit of catching up to do. Although I like my animals lean and active, I will bump him up a bit in my care.
He looks bigger here than he is.

I can't believe how "friendly", active and laid back this animal is. Right out of the box he fit in here quite well. Both of my kids were able to handle him for a bit.

This is a slightly better depiction of his actual size.

I could not be happier with this species. There is just something about the Aussie snakes. I can't explain it, but the specimens I've encountered are always social for lack of a better term and confident once they are older.
This is a score in my opinion.
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Feb 19, 2020
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Hey mate,
I’m glad you like our Aussie pythons! and welcome back to the forum!
I myself have a beautiful female Bredli also, they are wonderful snakes, so placid.

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