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Jul 15, 2022
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G'day all.
I've had my black headed python (Monty) for 4 months now. I don't know if it's just me assigning him human characteristics, but he seems to be developing his own personality. When I come home from work, I usually grab a drink and sit down in front of his tank to watch him. After a minute or so, he'll notice me and poke his head out of his hide and we'll just stare at each other for a while. Sometimes he'll come out to the front of the tank close to the glass and follow my movements. Nothing aggressive, we just look at each other for up to 30 or 40 minutes. (I'm fascinated by how they move).
Also, when I take him out, I sometimes sit down on the couch and let him climb into my windcheater. He's taken to moving straight up to my shoulder and back down the sleeve. He'll rest there for a while, then make his way out the cuff, look around, then out onto the couch. Which is when I usually pick him up and put him back into the tank.
Is any of this normal behavior for a pet snake. I'd appreciate hearing about anyone else's experiences.
Thank you.


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Sep 28, 2021
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I think it is cute that you have created a personality for Monty, I do the exact same thing with my animals, unfortunately though, snakes are not that complex and Monty investigating and follwing you means most likely he has associated you with food and is simply looking for his next meal.

As to his behaviour outside the enclosure, if I was to take my pythons out on to the lawn, 9 times out of 10 they will follow me around and try to climb back on me at every opportunity, they do this out of safety and not because they are my friend. They are looking at me as the closest tree or hiding spot to protect themselves from the big bad world.

Monty climbing inside your jumper is the same thing, he is looking for the closest hiding place which happens to be you.

I have yet to see evidence that snake have any further intelligence than "can I eat you? are you going to eat me?" Other than that it's all self preservation.
Dogs and cats have personality. Snake have survival instinct.

I still think it's fun to imagine we are friends and that when they look at me or follow me, it's because we have a bond, it doesn't hurt anyone and I think like you have discovered, it gives us another opportunity to experience and share something with our animals. To me this shows you love Monty and that means you will give him a much better life, what's wrong with that?
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