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Jan 10, 2021
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Hi I have a robust 10yr old female approx 3mtr and 9kg which I have had last 7yrs - she has always had a bit of attitude but as of late will just find me in any room when out and just approaches and try to bite. This is not a strike which she has never done but after having her attached to my foot for over an hour recently her attitude isn’t getting better with age
We have just moved and I could tell she was edgy when she kept following any noise I made so my mistake of letting her get too close but any recommendations on moving forward? Only having myself around when she is out is a bit hard trying to get her to let go once she latched on


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Aug 10, 2015
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@Lcm001, I commend you on your patience in not trying to prise her off your foot whilst latched on for that amount of time. A cotton tip soaked in mouth wash or methylated spirits and wafted under the nostrils will normally get a snake to release its bite. This will not harm the snake by the way. If it works as it normally does, I would be using it immediately every time it latches on. The reasoning behind that is to develop a conditioned response that biting you is an unpleasant experience. All you need is a small plastic specimen tube with a push on lid, which you can usually get at a pharmacy, with about 1cm of fluid and a standard cotton tip in it.

With age and handling BHPs normally become puppy dog tame and very laid back. However, individuals do vary in their attitudes and responses – I’d use the term ‘personalities’ but don’t wish to be anthropomorphic. Your one sounds like it was a bit cantankerous to begin with and the stress of a change in environment has made it more so. Irrespective, snakes can be trained to alter their behaviour to some degree. Information about your usual interactions with her will help here. How much and how often do you feed her? How do you go about this? How often is she removed from the enclosure? How often and how long do you handle her? How does she respond to the cage being opened, and is this different between when she is being fed and when you are just cleaning or changing the water? That sort stuff would be helpful to allow forum members to offer useful advice.
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