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Feb 21, 2021
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Hi guys,

I'm getting a couple of baby blue tongues in a week or so.
I haven't had reptiles for years, so I'm struggling to remember a few things and I guess things have probably changed in the past 10+ years as well.
What is the recommended temp to keep them at? My enclosure is a melamine with 2 infrared lamps. Dimensions are 120 x 60 x 60. The 2 thermostats go up 30 degrees, but I have a thermometer in there and it's sitting at around 25 degrees on one side (bulbs are 2 different wattage) and around 35 degree om the other. Will this be warm enough? Or should I invest in a 3rd lamp and another thermostat that goes higher?

Also, brumation. Both times when I had blueys I only had them for a few months and had to move them on due to moving interstate (I've been where I am now for over 6 years, I was young and dumb as some would say 10+ years ago ha) so never had to deal with brumation? Is it a must? Or can you just keep the temp up? I have no intention of breeding.

Now, UVB. Is it worth getting a UVB lamp set up? I haven't actually looked into a great deal as most articles make it sound super complicated. Can you get away with taking them outside for a couple of hours a day for UVB? I don't think I've ever met someone with blueys that had a UVB light/lamp although I never really asked about their setups (usually friend of a friend etc).
Also, how big of an enclosure would I need for 2 adults? Would the one I have now be big enough? I'm currently contemplating building another with the same dimensions as a project for something to do (just to see if I can do it). They're a long way off being adults but figure better to know now than have issues when they start getting bigger.
Any other tips would be greatly appreciated too, I just don't know which sites to trust so figured this place looks to the way to go to ask questions. :)


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May 31, 2020
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There's a few good books available. A guide to Australian skinks in captivity by Danny Brown is very informative book.
Otherwise that size enclosure is fine for a couple blue tongues, but if you keep them together I make sure they're the same size and I advise you keep a close eye on them to see if they're compatible as there could be devastating injuries or death if not. If they're easterns they have a better chance of co-habitating generally. I'd ask the seller if they've been living together also. Make sure they have plenty of hides. 45 degrees is the preferred temperature of the hot spot. UVB globes are up to you. A weekly bask in unfiltered sunlight is a good substitute along with a wholesome diet containing vitamin D3 and calcium. Brumation is important but that depends on the species and your location and setup. A gradual change in temps to imitate their natural climate/seasons should do the trick

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