Can a quail beak injure a snakes throat?



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Dec 6, 2021
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I fed my yearling stimmy a japanese quail hatchling last night and the derp managed to eat it in the most awkward possible way. His enclosure has raised shelf, and the first thing he does in the evening is come and sit on his shelf under the che. I've fed him his fuzzies there previously with no issues at all so I didn't thing anything of feeding him the quail there too, but the derp managed to fall off the edge while wrapping and tried to swallow it with half his body dangling down. It was fascinating to watch but my heart was in my throat the entire time because I could see the beak slowly turn outward as it went down till it was at a 40 degree angle to his throat, it showed through his skin so sharply! I can't believe that that didn't feel painful on some level. The little idiot managed to get all the way down to the feet before he tried to lift himself back up onto the shelf, only to slip and fall down which made me even more worried, though he seemed to finish eating just fine and went into his hide to go into the usual food coma and hasn't been out since. It's only been twelve hours so I'm trying to resist the urge to check on him but I'm still worried about him. I didn't see any blood but, I dunno, maybe I'm just anthropomorphising him but do you think that the beak could hurt his throat or stomach? Would cutting it off help or would that make it harder for him to find the head? I've never tried but, it seems like there's not harm in it? How much nutrition can be in a beak anyway?


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Apr 30, 2021
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Hey mate, things like this happens alot and people get scared because of it, but honestly it's fine, even if it did make a slight cut it will heal over the next two weeks, in the wild carpet pythons eat things like kookaburras if they get the chance, you can imagine a kookaburra beak going down a throat, your Stimmy will be fine. Hope this helps :)

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