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Mar 12, 2021
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I recently took on a carpet python (Costal I think) and was just wondering how much a 8/9 year old male should weight and how long he should be.
I have suspicion that he may have stunted growth due to his previous owner only feeding him 2 jumbo mice every 2 weeks so I'm trying to transition him to rats to get some weight on him since he looks underweight compared to other carpets I've seen.

CF Constrictor

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Jul 31, 2019
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Hi Minizoo
I have 2 coastal x diamonds, the oldest is about 6 years , 247cm and 6.1 kg.
The other is about 5 , 259cm , yet to weigh him but i would estimate around 6 kg +. They get 2 large rats each every month on average and occasionaly rabbit or quail for variety. Hope that is of some use.
Good luck.


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Jun 28, 2004
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How tall should an adult man be and how much should he weigh?

At my height I have a fairly low BMI, but other men with the same weight are obese. If I had been severely malnourished for my entire childhood and adolescence I may have only grown to 5'3" tall, but despite being a foot shorter than me, other men at this height are completely healthy, particularly of smaller races. I spent years living in south east Asia in countries where I never saw anyone anywhere near my height, but that doesn't mean I was any more or less healthy. Some of the ethnic groups I was living among had significantly different body types and morphology too, and even between individuals people have different shapes, not to mention that you can train yourself to become a slender marathon runner or a weight lifter built like the side of a mountain, and still be in good health.

Carpet Python sizes vary between individuals and races significantly more than humans do.


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Aug 16, 2015
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My Jungle is as round as a tennis ball and just over 2m long, he has one XXL Rat every two weeks and I have never weighed him but he is heavy. He is fine although keeps telling me he is hungry... lol My Murray Darling Carpet is just about 2m long at about 5/6yo and is just under the Tennis ball around his middle. I don't know how old my Jungle is because my Snakes are all rescues and it is hard to find out any information.


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Mar 23, 2020
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Humans have this tendency to want to feed up our pets. We project our needs, wants and desires onto them. Often to the point where they get fed too much - if he's seemingly happy, healthy and no other obvious signs of any issues, just truck along as usual. I know I've heard of so many stories of pairs of snakes where one will always eat, the other will refuse meals. Same treatment and foods, yet one will just eat more and therefore be bigger. It's okay.

Having said that, if he's taking the larger food, then keep that up. I wouldn't suggest playing catch-up with food though. He'll be fine.