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Jan 28, 2018
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Hi all, its been a while since I've posted but I have still been here lurking. Not sure if I am allowed to post about my own business so if mods take this down then no stress.
Either way I am excited to share with you all a project I have recently completed. At the start of the year I decided to quit my 9 - 5 and turn my hobby into a job. Putting my years of experience and love for timber and reptiles together I have started my own business making custom reptile enclosures.
I do need to thank Aussie Pythons and its members for the various things I have learnt over the years, there is honestly so much here for people that are new to the hobby and a lot to learn even if often through other people's mistakes but hey that's one of the best ways to learn right?

In Australia we have such a wide variety of reptiles and with that a wide variety of habitats and environments, from arid and desolate deserts to humid and rich rainforests. And while yes, in captivity, most reptiles will "survive" with a cookie-cutter type of set up - I strongly believe in providing as many opportunities for enrichment as possible along with a home that is as close to the natural habitat as possible. Not only is it nice to look at for the keeper but from research is shown to have a positive effect on the reptile, and I'm sure many will agree (and disagree).

Sanctuary Reptile Homes (that's me) is aimed at providing this, a fully custom, fully tailored approach designed to be species specific.

My first project is to show people what I mean by custom, I designed and built a home for my Woma Python. I'd love to hear what people think and get some feedback.

Some of the features specific to this home are - A custom rock wall with ridges and a basking shelf near the heat source.
- Burrowing Channel custom made, rock shelves either side filled with a house-made substrate to provide a multiple-density area for digging.
- Viewing Window allows subterranean view of Burrowing Channel.
- Vent placement promotes high air-flow and low humidity while retaining heat where needed.
- Integrated grooves remove the need for additional door tracks (more for aesthetic but also function).
- All glass is 6.8mm Laminated for extra security and safety.

To check out more details you can visit the website -

Thanks again, and I hope you like it.


blurred01.jpg Custom 002.jpg Custom 003.jpg Custom 005.jpg 275394392_1992136784320801_5436109571058611444_n.jpg Custom 007.jpg Custom 001.jpg Custom 004.jpg background features.jpg


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Oct 9, 2022
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Woolgoolga 2456
Good job. I looked everywhere for large custom enclosures when designing my Bredli's new home and there is a dearth of cool, large, affordable tanks.

I too designed my own, but had someone else build it for me. Always thought that the claw machines (i collect pinballs and arcade machines) i see for sale with broken mechs would make great tanks and they are only a few hundred dollars. May be worth looking into for your new business.

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