Diamond shedding very close together

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Jan 6, 2021
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Hi all,

Looking for a bit of guidance/reassurance. My approx. 3 year old male diamond (he's a rescue so I'm not sure of his exact age but the vet thought he was about 2 this time last year) has just gone into blue again literally a month after last shedding. I've been spacing out his feedings as we cool down for the winter so I was surprised that he went into blue again so soon. He's been growing like a weed this summer, but I figured he'd slow down as the weather cooled and his feedings get further apart. I'm just worried it's something I'm doing wrong.

He's in a 4x5x2 foot enclosure with humidity ranging from about 35% in the basking spot to about 70% down near the substrate (bioactive but not a super wet one). Basking spot is 31 in the morning and then about 28 for the rest of the day, down to about 23 overnight. The cool corner is about 20 during the day and about 15 overnight. He has plenty of hides, branches, water dishes and plants and uses the whole thing, and gets outside slithers pretty much whenever he wants. He was eating a small rat fortnightly until April, then upgraded to one medium rat every three weeks. He's currently just over 1.5m. I haven't had him sexed but his behaviour over the past year definitely suggests boy, and the vet felt strongly enough he was a boy not to stress him out with a probe. He's never had any issues shedding with the exception of a tiny bit of stuck shed on the tip of his tail the time before last which came off easily with a warm face flannel and some rat-based bribery. Never had scale rot, never had any RTIs, poops fine, does all the usual snake things. Snake tax attached.

Thanks for being an awesome resource and my usual go-to.
-slinkiblinki and son.


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Jan 8, 2019
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they shed when theyre growing, have a scale issue, or underlying health issue (and prelay shed)

Sarah Jane

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Jun 3, 2018
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They shed when they grow. Shedding to me is a good sign of a healthy snake just doing it’s thing and getting bigger.

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