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Nov 2, 2018
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My old OLYMPUS FE-20 COMPACT digital camera ( developed a couple of issues lately - mold on the lens , and I think the lens focus motor has been damaged ( in a drop ?) - sometimes the startup autofocus doesn't work and I have to restart the FE 20 a few times to get it to work ).
Been my fav camera to carry in the pocket , keep on the coffee table , keep in the car's centre console , take fishing , and to social events for many years , much more convenient than carting about the big DSLR camera and a couple of lenses , and smaller and lighter than my wife's SX730HS.

So while I wait for a better price on canon 90D or a new full frame 8D , 7D series canon DSLR with at least the same pixcel count ( 38Mpix - 50Mpix with a wireless & Bluetooth built-in would be nice) .

I figured I'd shout myself a nice cheap / basic Canon PowerShot ELPH 180 from Adorama (NYC) .

Means an upgrade from 10Mpix on the FE -20 and Canon 40D to 20Mpix and better optical zoom than the old FE -20.
I'm not a fan of cameras built into dump mobile and android phones ( IMO they are the option of last resort to get a photo ).

The "same" camera costs nearly $400 here in Australia and Adorama had the ELPH on their page for 109USD , add 40USD for shipping and I'm still way in front.

Ordered Friday ( NSW time ) , and it arrived today . Heck I can't get stuff from Sydney that fast .

Only negatives are :
> the charger has a 2 pin US power connector , would have preferred a 2 pin cable connected changer , no great drama as I have a 3 pin universial power adapter in my kit.
> USA warrantee so if anything goes wrong , I'll have to ship camera to CANON USA for repairs
> there is no USB cable in the kit ( it needs a 5 pin miniB connection on the camera end ) my wife's Canon PowerShot SX730HS has a miniB USB connector but it's not the 5 pin version, $7 to buy one locally.
> no reticulated screen (like on the SX730HS)
> relatively low resolution screen ( but better than the old 40D and the FE - 20 ).

So the old Olympus FE 20 will go into retirement. Running the PowerShot ELPH 180 is a breeze , very simple .

Example of the quality :

A portrait of Fluffy the eastern water skink taken this evening while she was having some quality dad time after some wormy treats.
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