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May 12, 2022
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Hi everyone.
This is my first snake and it is a murray darling, he is 3 months old.
Just trying to get an idea of what things I should be getting for it and what everyone recommends as I’m new to all of this.

Looking for recommendations of this stuff:
- Substrate
- Thermostat
- Temperature (Lowest & hottest & recommendation)
- Humidity

I am still working out a feeding schedule as he had his first pinkie mice last night (Wednesday) since he has been in my care 7 days ago as of now. I fill his water regularly and clean it out. He has a warm side with a hide on each the warm and cold side. Temperature always sitting at 32 degrees Celsius and I am manually monitoring that.
Enjoying this new “hobby” if that’s what you call it and can’t wait for the future of it all.


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Aug 16, 2015
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You will love your Murray Darling, mine is about 2m long. He is a big boofy boy who wouldn't harm a fly. It would be good to feed him Pinky Rats rather than mice, he will be growing pretty quick and will use the energy. Murray Darling Pythons can survive below the snow line, so they are pretty hardy animals. Substrate is a personal thing, I use Low Dust kitty litter made from paper pulp, it is absorbent and not too expensive and you can just pick up a bunch of it easily when they poop. Changing kitty litter is pretty easy too. Feeding the Murray Darling will be relatively easy because they always seem to be hungry, so resist over feeding. Stick to once a week feeds and increase food sizes as he grows, food items should be slightly larger than the outside of his tummy, so as he grows you can see what he needs. 32c is fine, he will move on and off the heat to regulate. I use a Heat projector for the cooler months for some of my animals including my MD, he seems to enjoy the warm radiant heat. A good source of clean water will take care of the Humidity.

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