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FS: 11-YO Jungle Python inc enclosure etc.

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Dec 24, 2009
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I'm looking to re-home my 11-year-old jungle python (Morelia spilota cheynei) as I am moving home and really don't have the time or space to care her (her) any more. I've called her Jungle Julia (Death Proof), but she is not sexed.

Hatched 03/12/2009, I have her feed/shed diary till 20/03/2011.

She was a little worm when I first got her off of here, pics to come of her wrapped around my little finger. I haven't had her out for a bit now but at 11 years old she is quite a decent size.

She did go off food for about 4-6 months recently, her heat lamp went out and I missed it as we were away on holidays, and she went off food for a bit. She is feeding again well, never had a shed issue and is quite tame.

I'd love to see her go to a good home.

Buyer must have a valid licence.

The enclosure has a heat lamp and a UV lamp, perch, climbing branch, hide, water bowl and side storage. All thermostat controlled and timed. The enclosure door has a magnetic child lock built-in (converted cabinet). Never had an issue.

Will update with pics tomorrow.

Would like to find somewhere for her by early Jan, all reasonable offers considered.
Sorry, really late with the pictures! Here they are.

The enclosure measures 720mm wide x 430mm deep x 1280mm high overall (total cabinet). The microclimate thermo is dead and the heat lamp is being controlled off of a no name brand controller. Temp monitored by an exoterra temp probe. It's a bit high as I just had the enclosure open to clean.

Would love to re-home this snake before the 17th January as we move after this.

I just had her out for the first time in ages and she handled perfectly, even with my three-year-old daughter, who has never touched a snake until today.
Bump, not a nibble...
Still looking to re-home.
Still looking to re-home if anyone is interested.


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