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Wanted Gold Coast

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Rachael Weiley

New Member
Sep 18, 2023
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Hi guys, I am a mum searching for my daughters very first children’s python. Is it better to buy from a shop or private breeder? Any info would be must appreciated as well as what gear we will need etc. I have a basic idea from pet barn etc but to be honest they didn’t seem to experienced. Thank you 😊


New Member
Jan 13, 2023
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you should get the animal from a private breeder but everything else from a shop. Breeding season is close and there should be babies around christmas so if you can wait getting a snake from a breeder next year would be perfect plus it gives you time to see if you want one and give it a better than normal life. when they are young keeping them in small enclosures is better but then once they are close to fully grown or fully grown giving them a big enclosure with lots of hides is the best. At pet barn I would imagine they say they can be kept in a 90x45x60 but if this is going to be your daughters only pet/you have the space getting something like a 120x60x60 or even a 120x90x60 would be just perfect. I also recomend getting different feedback from different people, I am only one person and someone like a breeder might think differently to me. Lastly I am not sure how old your daughter is but you will need to do most of the work.

Good luck


AussiePythons Supporter
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Sep 20, 2009
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you are definitely better off buying from a breeder. Apart from the fact that most pet shop employees wouldn't know their foot from their elbow, the prices are ridiculous. Also they will try to sell you all sorts of rubbish you don't need.
I'm sorry I don't know any breeders in Brisbane, but you should look around.
You have started the right way by asking questions before you buy


Active Member
Jan 4, 2020
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100% from a breeder - better price, and the snake will likely be less stressed, and more likely to be calmer and handle the transition to your home quicker and with less issues (such as poor shedding/ refusing food/ being prone to striking).
The stuff you'll need is pretty minimal and easy to find. A plastic tub is best for smaller/ younger snakes - nice and cheap/easy to find. You can use bigger ones as it grows for about a year, or more.

One day you'll want a 3ft. melamine enclosure or something similar - I made a 1m. long enclosure and it works well.
Paper towel as substrate is fine in the plastic tubs, I use recycled paper cat litter (breeders choice brand) in my melamine enc. for adult-ish sized snake.Hides can be those black plastic pot plant water dishes from bunnings, also dirt cheap, (get a few to rotate for easy cleaning, you'll want the smallest ones at first, the snake likes them not roomy, nice and snug in there..
You'll most importantly need a thermostat and heat mat. Inkbird thermostats work well, there are way better and more expensive ones though... Microclimate is super top of the line stuff.

hope this helps, I think that'll do for starters.


Not so new Member
Mar 3, 2011
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Gold Coast
Private breeder..

and before you do.. ask on here for recommendations of good breeders.

i went through all this about 6 months go.. you are definitely in the right place for information and have done the correct thing in asking about how to get things set up and correct before your new member of the family arrives.

I got a woma python. It was 4 months old when he came to me.

I placed him in a 50ltr plastic storage tub from Mitre 10..

some say this might be a bit big but it worked out well for me.. I placed this container on a 600mm x 400mm “tile sandwich“ that I made with two tiles and a heat cord.

i hooked this up to an Inkbird wifi thermostat and also had aseperate inkbird thermometer to keep a check of the temp at the cool end..

the inkbird thermostat is available on Amazon for around $50..

for substrate I used paper towel..

I bought a small $20 hide “cave“ from petbarn and used a small glass dish I had lying around as a water bowl. I put a piece of timber dowel across the enclosure even though Woma’s arent known for curling up around a branch etc..

It may sound slightly overwhelming to get this all up and running but its really easy..

i wish I had more photos of the set up but I have moved him into his big enclosure now and dismantled this original set up..

Oh.. and as you can see. As well as putting paper towel down as substrate I also ripped strips of it and piled them in one corner to act as ”leaves” that he could hide under and explore in..