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Apr 21, 2020
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Hi everyone!

For a while now I've been looking into adopting some Australian green tree frogs but I want to be 100% prepared, especially when it comes to setting up a vivarium for the first time.

For the vivarium's heat source, is it better to get a heat lamp or water heater? From what I understand, the air temperature should be 18°C.

Pros I've heard about heat lamps is that it provides a basking spot for the frogs, and if placed correctly, allows for cool spots within the vivarium too. However, it conflicts with the light cycle for the frogs when mimicking daytime and nighttime, so can't control the temperature during the night/a cold night.

Pros I've heard about water heaters is that it's the most effective way to evenly heat up a vivarium, provides adequate humidity and can continue to provide warmth throughout the night. However, it is difficult to find cool spots and can be suffocating without proper ventilation.

I live in Melbourne where the weather fluctuates dramatically sometimes, and winters can get very cold, especially at night.

I just want to provide a happy and appropriate home for some froggies.

(Apologies if I got any facts wrong)
Thank you!

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