Help! 6-7 month old Spotted Python not eating... again.



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Mar 4, 2021
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My spotted has always been a stubborn eater. He is at least 6 months old now - maybe 7 - but hasn't been growing by the looks of things.
He's approximately 35cm and has a diameter of a 5-cent coin. So I feel as though he's very small for his age?

When I first got him (early March) he ate at 2-3 week intervals which worried me but eventually, for a short month, he ate consistently and weekly. This however, didn't last. Because in the time I've had him, 4-5 months, he had never shed until recently.

Anyway. So recently was his first shed since I got him. It ended a week ago. When he started shedding he lost his appetite but that didn't worry me because I knew it was normal. (He didn't shed in one piece but in very small bits - also concerning that this was the first time he shed in like 5 months though that could be because he's not eating.) But now, a week or 2 after he finished shedding, he still hasn't been interested in the food I've offered. But it has been 4 whole weeks since he last ate so, in short, I'm getting very worried.

Last night I decided not to offer food because he was in his hide, hardly moving and not seeking food (so like the other times I had tried, I suspected his meal would end up wasted again) - that's practically how he has been behaving for the last 4 weeks. But I can't wait forever. He's supposed to be eating every 10 days maximum as far as I know, but has hardly ever kept to that recommended feeding period. I have no idea if there's something wrong with him or wrong with my approach so please help. Not to mention, the only way he has eaten pinkies in the past where when they were soaked in chicken broth (without salt).

Before the obvious advice "check your temperatures" flows in, I'll say that I've been keeping a close eye on the temp gradient (32/34 - 20/24 [the cold end is a bit cold but he seems to like it that way - I'm even considering lowering the temps because he's spending more time on the cool end so maybe it's too hot for him? But I don't know if I should do that either]). He has two hides on each end of his click clack container & a bark substrate that he prefers over paper towel. (I've read that after 6 months I should be thinking about upgrading to an actual reptile aquarium but he hasn't grown). What should I do?

- I've attached a photo of him that I took a month ago (some time before he started shedding). I considered taking a photo of him now but I don't want to disturb him. His spine isn't showing but I should probably start weighing him as well to be sure if he's losing weight or not. I've tried to monitor his movements at night and during day (obviously I can't watch him 24/7), but I haven't seen him drink recently and his movements are very minimal.


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Jul 31, 2019
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Just be patient, 4 weeks isn't long. My adult carpets stop feeding for around 3 months during winter.

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