Help!! Is my spotted okay?



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Jan 10, 2021
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I got a new enclosure for my nearly 1 year old spotted python and she was exploring and somehow ended up getting herself through the lid clip (I’ll attach photo- hard to explain) on the roof of the enclosure. She seemed a little stuck but managed to really slowly pull herself all the way through, I tried to help her but it was almost impossible as I couldn’t pull her and as soon as she got out of the clip she let her back half drop (her head had touched the bottom at this point and the back part just dropped on the log about 30cms below- sorry again, hard to explain) she immediately zoomed straight back to her hide like she had scared herself. Please tell me she’s okay! I’ve never owned a snake before her and really shocked that she squeezed her body through this hole and worried she’s done damage internally. She’s about to shed but her skin looked okay. We didn’t even think she would get through these clips but have now stuffed paper towel in them temporary so she doesn’t do it again.


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Aug 10, 2015
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I agree that the photo is uninformative – maybe because the holes are no longer holes? That aside, if your snake took off at a rate of knots back to its hide, than it sounds like it is OK. If there were internal injuries it would not moving freely and quickly.

For future reference, the worst thing you can do in those circumstance is to try and pull the snake through. That is a good way to injure it.

Antaresia species are renown escape artists. If they can get their heads through something, then unless they have just eaten, are gravid (carrying eggs) or, heaven forbid, obese, then the rest of the body will fit through as well. If they cannot go any further without doing themselves an injury then they will try to back out. If what they are going through has the capacity to lift and get under their scales, such as bird wire, then they can get stuck. Otherwise they will completely back out. The ribs are very flexibly attached, unlike ours, and that helps them squeeze through tight places.

It sounds pretty clear that the snake was stressed. You trying to help it through the hole would not have helped in that respect. Once its head was on the ground it would have then known how high up the rest of its body was. It clearly wanted to get out of there in a hurry, so rather than attempt to slither down gently, it probably chose to let its body fall that known distance so it could escape as quickly as possible.

Sounds like no harm done and a lesson learned. Leave it be for a little while to destress and it should be back to normal in no time.
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