Hi all I'm looking for a spider


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Sep 16, 2019
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In bed
By my understanding, there are two types of crazy. One type of crazy is where you lose grasp of reality. Like, if you think doing something dangerous is safe, or if you think aliens run the government or the BLM movement is about unity rather than division.

The other type is where you understand that something is dangerous or stupid, your perception of reality isn't warped, but you choose to do stupid, warped things anyway.

I'm the second type. You might define that as strange, you might be right. I haven't checked the dictionary definitions.

Seriously though, that girl looks like she'd be a lot of fun to eat with, I'd love a girl who eats like that, but that particular girl looks like a hideous person.
Yep, you're totaly right. Some people think I'm crazy when I say that I want a red bellied black :p
And then there's women. :p
Ha! Tell me about it :rolleyes:

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