How often should you handle a baby carpet python

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Feb 18, 2024
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Is handling 3 month old baby carpet python daily to much? Besides the 2 days after feeding. She is pretty bitey and acts scared, dont know if I should leave her alone or keep handling her daily. Ive handled her only twice so far, two days in a row. was thinking about going for the 3rd or maybe waiting a day in between. On day #2 she bit significantly less but still got me a few times
Depends on the snake and the type of handling. Generally, snakes will calm down with less handling than people think. Often, handling actually trains a snake to remain bitey. If you're handling a snake and it's biting you while you handle, you're generally training it to maintain the biting behaviour because the snake will usually be interpreting the interaction as 'A big monster picked me up because it wanted to eat me, I ferociously bit them until they gave up and let me go, thank goodness I was able to escape with my life, and I've learned what I need to do when this situation happens again'. This becomes stressful for the snake which thinks it is being attacked every day and the human who is being bitten every day.

Most bitey snakes will calm down over time with regular handling, but it's in spite of the handling rather than because of it and it'll happen more quickly and with less stress to both parties with minimal/no handling. If a snake is biting out of fear it isn't happy, and most humans don't enjoy it either.

The majority of snakes will calm down best by being rarely handled (zero handling is generally fine) and just having the interaction of seeing the human walking around and generally not physically interacting with them, just changing water bowls etc makes them think 'That big human thing clearly has no interest in me and is not a threat' which means they're calm and relaxed around you (non threats don't scare them), and with that mindset they won't care if you gently handle them. Of the thousands of snakes I've worked with and the hundreds I currently routinely work with, none get regular handling, few ever have been regularly handled (two or three were handled every week or so until about 10 years ago) and virtually all can be handled without them showing any defensive behaviour.

The above all relates to defensive (fear) biting. Feed bites are a completely different story, but it sounds like yours is fear/defensive biting.

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