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Aug 8, 2022
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I am currently doing my research and looking to get a jungle carpet, this will be my first ever reptile, so far I think I am understanding everything, the one point I am stuck on is heating, there is so much information out there and it seems like everyone does it differently.
I will be getting a 4x2x2 melamine enclosure that has 2 ceramic heat fittings.

My question is what is the best option for heating? Do I run a ceramic heat globe and also a basking globe, have the basking on during the day and then at night have the ceramic on? Or do I run both during the day and then just switch the basking off at night?

Or do I ditch the ceramic globe all together and run a basking glove ans night time glove?

Then for thermostat I am thinking pulse for ceramic bulbs and dimming for basking? Am I in the right ball park?

Any advice and help will be greatly appreciated