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Snake For Sale Jungle Pythons - Ipswich

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Mar 14, 2021
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For sale 3 Jungle pythons one male, two females one of which is a jungle jag, Due to heath reasons all must go, enclosures included as well as extra enclosures for when they have bred. $750 for the lot, the snakes alone are worth that. I'll also throw in all the other gear some of which I'll list below but will miss somethings as there are so much.
one Dimming Reptile Digital Temperature Controller Day & Night PID Thermostat Timmer for each enclosure. Plus a few extras
heat pads
heat lamps
UV bulbs
heaps of bulb holders
snake hooks
drinking bowls
bathing bowls
heaps of hides
other fixtures
2 sets of fake grass for 3 of the enclosures
medication etc like herp shed, herp boost
thats off the top of my heads.
All 3 of them handle great even at feeding time.
All eat, shed and poo with no dramas.
Is a reluctant sale, but my health cant cope and I cant give them the attention they need

PH 0412095178


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Jun 9, 2022
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Hello Marc-Robinson! Could you please tell me where you are located. I have a male and have been looking for a mate for quite a while now. Would you be willing to sell one of the females separately? If so, how much would you be asking for her? I am very keen to purchase and find a mate for my boy.

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