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4D Poki

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Dec 26, 2020
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Hi all, I’m planning on getting a new carpet python hatchling and keeping it in my 90x60x45 reptile enclosure. Is it too big for a hatchling? If it is can I keep it in a tub setup but put the tub inside of the enclosure to heat it with overhead heating? I plan on using either a ceramic heat bulb or one of those red basking lamps. And what temperature should I put on the thermostat? Feel free to leave a comment on tips because I’m just new to keeping carpet pythons :)


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May 24, 2018
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Yes that enclosure is way too big for one of this seasons hatchies. 7-10 litre sisters tub will be perfect. And please don’t set it up in the enclosure, get a seperate heat mat for tub and sit it under roughly 1/3rd to half of the tub and run it with your thermostat. I tried doing it with a jag hatchy back when I first started with pythons and ran into all sorts of feeding/stress issues. Keep the tub in a quiet, semi dark place and most importantly do NOT start handling your new hatchy for at least a few weeks and make sure it’s consistently feeding first. I don’t even start handling mine except for cleaning time until they’ve out grown they’re hatchy tub now.

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