Lace monitor and Bells Phase monitor

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Jan 23, 2019
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G’day everyone
I hope your week has been great 😊
Just wondering hoping this isn’t a stupid question but is the Lace monitor bigger than Bells Phase monitor?
Is bells phase smaller than the lacy?
they're both lace monitors

one has a different pattern
This is a little ambiguous and doesn't tell the story, it's possibly misleading if you don't already know the answer. Chinese and Germans and both human, one has black hair the other has shades of brown or sometimes red. That doesn't mean they're the same size - Germans are larger. Jungles and Coastals are both Carpets and have different patterns but Coastals are larger.

Bell's Phase is not a race or population, it's a Mendelian pattern trait which only changes the pattern, similar to, say, eye colour or whether or not someone has freckles in humans. It doesn't change the size, however, the populations of Lace Monitors with the largest size do not have the Bell's phase trait in them, just like all Chinese have black hair but that doesn't explain why they're smaller*. In populations where some individuals are normal and some are Bell's, there is no size difference.

Short answer: There's no difference in size.

Slightly longer answer: while the trait doesn't change the size, the largest Lace Monitors are never Bell's phase.

*Yes, I'm oversimplifying and yes, you can find Chinese nationals with blonde hair and 'Chinese' isn't a race and yes, I was talking about ethnic Han Chinese, and yes, in the same way you can sometimes find a wild albino snake you'll probably find a Han with non black hair, go cancel me, but come to think of it, most Han Chinese are taught in school that Han Chinese are ethnically superior to all other humans and the Han Chinese government is actively working to ethnically cleanse China of all other races, so whatever.