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Jan 7, 2021
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Northern Rivers NSW
Hi all, I live in QLD. I think I've made a mistake and I've been jipped.

I picked up a 9 year old spotted python a few weeks ago from a lady in Brisbane. It was her son's snake, he moved out and couldn't take it with him so they were selling it trying to find a good home for him.

When I picked up the snake and enclosure she said her son was away for work and would pass on his license details when he got home. That was 5 weeks ago now.
I have messaged her and she writes back but I can't get a license number from her and her son won't return my calls or messages. I'm guessing he may not have had a license for it. It's my fault for not getting the info before or when I picked it up - she seemed genuine and nothing seemed untoward when arranging the pick up. Getting frustrated with the whole thing and wondering what to do from here

I have her name and his name and both their phone numbers plus their address. Any thoughts on what I should do next? I can't see how I can add the snake to my license without his number? Don't want the snake to be removed from me or be fined for not having it on my license.


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Jun 28, 2004
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The QLD department is usually really helpful in these situations if you explain yourself honestly. I once bought some animals while living in QLD, and on receiving them at the airport I discovered the license details I'd been given had been faked. I promptly called the QLD department (probably under a different name at the time, this was some years ago) and explained the situation, saying I had received completely unlicensed animals into QLD via air freight, and said I was happy to surrender them to the department or whatever they deemed appropriate, and they promptly issued me with details and permission to add them under my license, free of charge (they weren't rare or commercially valuable animals, they were very cheap, it was a species of small skink very rare and difficult to find in captivity and I was excited to find a seller with them apparently on license). In your case they may say you should have done your due diligence, but clearly this is also a case of a common animal not of high commercial value, obviously you haven't intentionally done anything wrong, and I would expect the department to probably be accommodating. They will know that most people in QLD would simply write up a fake number into their license and say that's what they'd been given by the seller, or they'd just use someone else's license number, because that's such an easy way to deal with this situation, much quicker and easier than contacting the department and putting in so much of your time and effort, so they will probably be on board with helping you if you explain the situation to them.