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Oct 14, 2021
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Hi, Im a New Time Snake Hobbiest.

im in love with either the Stimpson or the Hypo Bredli (Centralian) Python

This will be my 2nd Reptile but first Snake,

As ive owned a Bearded Dragon thoughout Highschool but want to move to Snakes

I have alot of Time to look after, a lot of patients and also money isnt a issue, i would rather pay a few bucks extra to get a good breed snake rather than cheap out.

If i had to settle for a Childrens Python i would, but prefer a Centralian or Stimpson

Thank you for Reading this and reach out if you are a Licensed Breader, I Live in NSW and am getting My Reptile keepers License on Monday.
But can travel to pick up, i would rather drive to pick up the snake as i wouldnt want to have it in transport via a Postage,

can drive and pickup any Location as well

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