Magnificent green tree frog mouth problems

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Jun 29, 2021
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Hi everyone,
Haven’t been on here in a long time now, I got two tree frogs two days ago, one magnificent green and one northern green. They are a year old and both appear to be female. I bought them from a pet store, there original owner bought then from there as babies the previous season they have always been together and sold them back to the store because she didn’t want to buy a bigger enclosure for them now they weren’t babies. The magnificent green has a deformed mouth, the pet store clerk said that it was from being in a small enclosure and trying to catch bugs and hitting the glass. Sounds believable but just wanted to get everyone else’s opinions on it. She seems ok I think she struggles to catch loose food so I have been tong feeding which they have both responded perfect too. I have also attached a photo of the terrarium I have for them, let me know if there’s anything anyone thinks I should add (it’s a live plant terrarium) C53CE63E-2E94-4BC0-B340-77577BE14A80.jpeg 1B2EB7B4-0ADC-45FD-98CA-B4F18CB8C2E0.jpeg 994B5CD2-D134-4776-A604-2558F5D223AE.jpeg 38399F60-6C94-4477-A4E6-35309F85B79C.jpeg 31250867-9EAF-4140-BC12-11CDD9BB2002.jpeg EBB923BF-CF2D-4A35-B692-9D82F65B1A9C.jpeg

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