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Jul 27, 2021
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Hi everyone,

I bought a 2 year old male Murray Darling Python (he’s over 1m long) about 2 weeks ago. He’s been an absolute dream. Great temperament, easy handling and eating really well (Adult Rat once a week). He’s in a large enclosure (120cm x 45cm x 100cm) with a heat lamp and a heat mat which sits under his hide (heat mat is on a thermostat to control temp and heat lamp I leave on most of the day/night and turn off when I go to bed). He has a large water bowl and logs to climb on and a thin layer of substrate. Warm side of enclosure sits at about 35 and cool side is around 25/26.

I was wondering about humidity. What % he needs and how I can achieve this especially in such a large enclosure. I’ve tried researching it but have really only gotten generic results on carpet pythons as a whole. Also is there anything I’m missing or need to change/do?

Thanks in advance for any advice 😊


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Jan 23, 2012
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South Australia
Hello and Welcome to the forum.

I've never worried too much about humidity for my Murray Darlings. Male and Female. Born and got them from a breeder since 2012.

Male can be a bit flighty and defensive at times. Even after all these years. Female has always been very chill and relaxed,

Haven't been able to find any specifics about humidity either unfortunately.

I Keep their heat cord (split between two enclosures) at 34c 24/7. Covers about 1/3 of the enclosure on the warm side under some fake grass.

Used to use two separate heat mats but the heat cord is so much easier to work with.

In their first few years I would keep a pretty regular feeding schedule.

But since they're older now I just feed them each a very large Rat every week or so in the warmer months.

What sort of heat lamp is it?

Hope all goes well with your Murray Darling.

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