Need a bit of help with a new snake


Jan 12, 2022
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I’m on the beginner side of reptile owning however I want to seek someone more experienced then me for some advice.
I was recently gifted a albino carpet python (could be a darwin, unsure as of the moment) from a family friend who brought him around 7 months ago, however the snake was getting too big for them to handle and was apparently tank aggressive however he doesn’t immediately strike when attempting to handle him and he hasn’t attempted to strike me yet, he’s currently around 4-6ft in length and is consuming large rats with no issues. I was given him in a roughly 2ft by 3ft tank with fake plants, fake grass as bedding, a water bowl, cave hide and a driftwood branch with a heat lamp. I’m already searching for a larger tank for him and have replaced the fake grass with reptile safe coconut fiber and soil bedding.

I’ve been told its a male however i’m unsure. I’m also unaware of roughly how old he is. He’s eating perfectly however he seems to sound like he’s hissing a lot when handled or breathing despite showing no forms of aggression otherwise and I’m worried it could be a problem with his respiratory system.

I also own a female Caramel Jag Carpet and i’ve had no issue with her in the 2 years i’ve had her and raised her. Any Suggestions?


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Jul 25, 2021
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Sounds like respiratory infection, no expert, but shouldn't ever have noise when breathing, I'd take to reptile vet ASAP.

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