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Jan 8, 2019
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Getting some 4x2x1.5H enclosures and my parents would like a dragon or monitor species to take care off for their own house, just wondering what would be suitable for these dimensions, — was possibly looking at v. kingorum or Gilleni

or central betters/red barreds


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Aug 10, 2015
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@Herptology, I noticed no-one had responded to this thread. I am not sure why as I was without internet access for over a month. But I am happy to give you my thoughts on the matter.​

Firstly, that’s a good size enclosure in terms of ground space but very limited in height. So I would not look at keeping highly arboreal species.

In the monitors, I’d rule out Varanus gilleni and also even V. caudolineatus as they like to climb and occupy dead tree hollows or get under loose bark, and will happily thermoregulate inside cover. You could get away V. acanthurus but at full size it is getting a bit big. Any of the other smaller rock monitors, such V. storri and the like, would be better. Don’t bother with V. brevicauda because you’ll never see it – a complaint of a mate of mine that kept a couple for a while.

Most of the dragons are a possibility, the exceptions being the Frilled Dragon, Eastern Bearded Dragon, Water Dragon and Angle-headed (Forest Dragons) due to size and/or arboreal nature. The Long-nosed Dragon, Gowidon longirostris is also not suitable as it far more arboreal than commonly recognised. Things like Jackys and Mountain Dragons and their close relatives are great in terms of being active and visible. The same is true of the Bearded Dragons such as P. vitticeps, henrylawsoni and minor minor. Netted dragons are good because they are quite visible and show interesting behaviour. It is always great to watch dragons at feeding time.

There are many alternatives to choose from but it ultimately gets down to what is available and then which of those your parents like the most. You can develop a short list based on suitability (as outlined above) and availability. Then its up to your parents to do a little bit of research on these and make their own choice.

Hope this helps.
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