Need help with my snake, heating, sickness and food


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Jul 22, 2019
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my snake Henry is acting strange in not sure the cause, Henry didn't get look after people b previous owner and I'm trying to save him.

Henry has been in his new tank right now two hides and a water bowl for almost 1 1/2 days no and has been in almost the same spot. When he went in he was moving about all weirdly falling over and his head up high and bumping into things.

I have a heat lamp on for him 24/7 it's a 100-watt ceramic heater but it feels cold need the heater and on the heat side of the tank. Should I get a new lamp or a stronger watt? I don't have any way to test the temp other than my hand.

I haven't got a rat or mouse for him snack on yet and some comments on my previous threads have said that he looked a little thin so when I do get the food I will feed him weekly till he regains the weight he lost when he wasn't feed for months about 4. Could he be lethargic because he is Hungary, cold or sick. Thanks so much for the help I really appreciate it I really hope I can save this poor sake and give him the life he deserves

Ps could any one recommend a good infrared gun to test temp more accurately
[doublepost=1565261758,1565261589][/doublepost]Here are attached pictures
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