Netted dragon won’t eat.

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Jul 12, 2022
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Can anyone help with my netted juvenile dragon who is not interested in eating?
I got four netted dragons 6 weeks ago and three are going great. But one has never eaten since I got it. It is breaking my heart seeing the skin sag over it’s little bones. They are housed in a 1mtr x 700 enclosure. They are eating woodies and crickets and kale with zucchini. They get the odd black fly larvae a couple times a week all with vitamin or calcium dust. The sick one gets this offered in the enclosure or in a feed box. With or without other lizards. It is not interested at all. I have even tried Tasmania mutton bird fat for lizards to get its appetite going. Any help much appreciated.The Shop who sold him did not know.


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Sep 20, 2009
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Gidday mate I keep netted (as well as other dragons).
I have a similar problem with a ring tail dragon (same family) who isn't keen on eating.She isn't 1 of my babies but a lone dragon I bought. I give her a mealworm once a week or so , I find this stimulates her appetite a little. I know mealies aren't real nutricious being high in fat and low in protein but anything in her gut is better than nothing.
I'm surprised it doesn't feed in company, I find that's the best way to learn. When I breed my dragons I always teach them to eat veg first and then bugs, it's monkey see monkey do.
I'd advise changing from stuff like kale as it's a bitter taste, try bok choy or other leafy veg or green beans. here is a great website for more info on veg
Vets sell something called scientific diet, you can mix this with water and syringe feed as a last resort.
Hope this helps
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