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Sep 30, 2015
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You may or may not have witnessed him do it yet but depending on the substrate you are using, Womas will dig and excavate and fuss around their enclosure just like a child playing in a sandpit! They will build mounds and holes to their liking and whats most fascinating is that they will slough inside their hide box and then push the snake skin out of it, all ready for rubbish collection day!

Amazing creatures!

He's definitely very active and curious, after lights out more so. Since I got him he's only had the basics in his enclosure. He's just on newspaper at the moment because I wasn't sure how messy snakes would be etc. I wanted to keep it simple at first. He hasn't shed since I've had him though.
I will definitely be adding substrate, rocks and fake plants to make it more natural after I clean his enclosure next. Not sure what's a good substrate I'll have to research it. Sand is natural for them but looks like an extra challenge with cleaning to me..
From what I can see Woma's don't get as much love as most of the other pythons in the hobby? Even though most people like them, they don't seem exotic enough or something. Unlike Black heads which seem more popular (and more expensive) even notable black head breeders don't seem to care too much about womas.

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Feb 28, 2016
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Womas are (or were) on the critically endangered list. And years ago a pair of decent Womas would have set you back $5000 or more. These days they are much more common in private collections than even a few years ago, bring their prices (and exotic factor) way down.

Best tip for substrate, dont use sand, even though it looks cool and very natural to their habitat, its a pain to clean and gets everywhere! (joins, glass runners, water bowls, even your undies!)

Another best tip is to try what suits you best, some keepers only use newspaper because its generally free and easily absorbs mess etc, others use paper pulp style substrate or shredded coconut husk. Each to their own as long as its not a burden for you to clean or keep maintained, and can be digested if your animal accidentally ingests some whilst feeding or drinking. Have fun!
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