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Mar 15, 2011
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Hi All,

The site rules have been updated to be simpler and hopefully easier to understand. I have created a sticky in the main forums and will be updating the rules page at the end of today due to the formatting. Please note that the rules are here to cover everyone and hopefully most situations while now allowing more flexibility for debates to happen and opinions to be voiced without worrying about being censored.


1. Be nice to and tolerant of all other members of the forum. Keep in mind that we all have differing views and while debates are encouraged, personal remarks, insults and attacks are not tolerated. This includes nasty visitor messages, personal feuds/arguments on the forums and any other social area of the site.
2. No Swearing. If the filter changes your work to ***, please edit your post to remove the offending word.
3. No posts with nudity, violence, religious slurs, racist remarks or anything offensive are allowed. This includes promotion of anything illegal or questionable eg. personal wiring, taking from the wild or animal cruelty.
4. No flooding or spamming the forums.
5. Keep all posts on topic of the thread unless they have relevance to the question or thread.
6. The Chit Chat category is where you can discuss anything off topic. Please use those sections of the forums for the non herp related posts and threads.
7. If submitting copyrighted information, please ensure you have the content owners permission to share it and you reference the source and also any credit to the content owner.
8. No member may post on behalf of someone who has been banned from the site. People who have been banned can submit an appeal in the support center or by sending an email through.
9. Multiple accounts per person are not allowed. A household can have more than one account but please make the Admin and Mods aware of this to prevent confusion.
10. No threads or posts are allowed with negative feedback of the site Sponsors or other businesses supporting APS. Personal issues should be taken up directly with the Sponsor/Business via PM.
11. Links to herp related source material or informational material are allowed unless the link promotes the selling of items or services, joining of another site to view content or otherwise. This applies to your personal website as well. We are happy to support other sites so if you have a question on if a link is acceptable, please ask the Moderators or Admin

1. There are to be no promotion of links to other "For Sale" ads or sites in order to promote an item you are selling. Likewise, if you are advertising something elsewhere including APS, please include a full description here.
2. Only Sponsors may advertise their business & website in signatures, avatars, usernames and on the open forums.
3. Links to business websites in Adverts in the Marketplace may only be posted by Site Sponsors.
4. There are to be no For Sale or Wanted to Buy ads in the Main forums.
5. There is to be no promotion of Businesses not associated with APS or its Sponsors without approval from Site admin

NOTES: APS is a site run for the members to share content, gather advice and help each other. These rules are here to ensure everyone has a good time and can get the most from the site while still being responsible for their own posted content. We cannot monitor everything that is being said and posted so the bottom line is to please play nice and always treat each other with respect.

In a nutshell, treat others how you wanted to be treated and please don't post anything that can get yourself or APS into trouble.

There will be some more changes in the future in regards to the advertising rules, subscriptions, power sellers and sponsors to move APS away from a "business setup" to a more personal based setup however to alter them right now would disadvantage those who have and currently do support the site
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