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Sep 21, 2021
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Ok guys i got my first childrens the other day and seen this about spotted i dont want to hijack but can i ask some of the pros out there my girl is swolen up ( looks like follical growth , ) and shes a lil narky lol i have alot of other jungles but childrens is new to me i have temps good she hasnt been cooled she eats like a pig lol do i need to change temps to breed if we decided to ? Some like to cool and others dont im told , secondly about 10 is yrs back spotteds and childrens and i think maybe macs were all under the same names , are they the same or has this changed and would a spotted male and fem childrens make hybrids now or is this more a ok thing to do ( coastals jungles jags seem ok hence y im ask lol ) and cooling temps is that about 20 deg ? Im so new to these lil guys i am still learning jungles are alot diff ( btw ppl say jungles are nasty lol while cleaning her tub lately my gosh she near railed my face 5 times in a row last night lol shes never been so snippy hence why having male jungles about i think she is a lil randy possibly ) going to move some snakes abiut keep girls together

If this is in the wrong sorta place can someone guide me to where to pop it please i dont want to step on toes ect sorry if its in wrong place new to forums and posting any help would be awesome thx guys 🤙