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Reptile Postage Stamps Wanted

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Jan 18, 2010
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North Queensland (Bowen)
Hi all

Not sure if anyone out there is a little bit nerdy like me, but I have just started collecting postage stamps (as if i needed yet ANOTHER hobby). :oops:

Apart from my main collection, I am starting to build another stamp album entirely devoted to reptiles.. I only have 2 stamps in the album - a yellow faced whipsnake and a blue mountains tree frog. I am also collecting any damaged stamps as I plan to make a collage with them..

If anyone has any that they would like to give/sell to me, can you please let me know. I would be more than grateful.. Will PM my mailing address to anyone who responds..

I am also happy to exchange stamps/duplicates if there are any other stamp collectors out there brave enough to admit it... :rolleyes:

email address is [email protected]

mobile number 0413 018 089

Happy herping!!

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