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Ryobi Table Saw

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Jan 27, 2003
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Newcastle, NSW
Hi all,
I've got for sale a Ryobi table saw that I bought a while back to make enclosure making a lot quicker by cutting my own wood, but I'm not home enough to use it so I tend to get my wood cut up for me now 'cause I just don't get the chance.

Below are a list of specs from the Ryobi site:

Ryobi HBB255L 254mm, 1500watt Table Saw
* 1500watt motor
* Full side fence
* Safety lock-off switch
* Thermal overload button
* 40 toothed tungsten carbide blade
* Mitre gauge

This can also be used with various portable power tools such as routers, sanders, etc.

Table size is 700x465mm, then it has legs as well (see pic) which are not included in those measurement. The legs are removeable for transport.

The saw is in Newcastle and will need to be picked up or you can arrange to have it picked up by a courier at your expense.

I'm happy to hold this after payment for you to pick up.

Price: $200

Contact via PM or [email protected]

Thanks for looking,
Simon Archibald
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