Seeking advice for heating setup for Spotted Python


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Aug 14, 2021
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Hi Snake Brainstrust,

We have a lovely Spotted Python at home. She is been with us for nearly a year (adopted from a previous home where she was no longer wanted). We need to organise a new heating system for her. Can anyone recommend a thermostat/heat setup? In her enclosure, she currently has a black heat lamp that is connected to an outdated thermostat. We also have a separate thermometer and hygrometer to monitor the enclosure. At night, the light and heat go off (on a timer). Currently, it's winter in Australia so it gets quite cool at night (probably down to 16 degrees inside) which is too cold for her. Recently we have noticed that the heat lamp is not heating the enclosure as it used to. So, it could be as simple as replacing the lamp but the thermostat doesn't have a nighttime setting and no safety off, etc. So we would like to upgrade. Also, have no experience with heat mats. Something to add? Would be grateful for any advice. With thanks in advanceIMG_0780.jpgIMG_0779.jpgIMG_0778.jpg


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Jun 28, 2004
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Use floor heat. It's cheapest, most reliable, best, most natural, safest, easiest, etc. I personally prefer heat cords, but you would likely prefer to use a heat mat. Those CHEs are terrible for all sorts of reasons.

You can upgrade if you want, but your thermostat will do the job. Many of us used to use those, although there aren't many of them still around now. Sort of nostalgic seeing one still in service. I'd go for a dimming thermostat, although for heat cords and mats you can use a pulse proportional thermostat and it'll work just as well (they'll destroy your CHE even faster than your old on/off thermostat will, but cords and mats are very robust and don't blow like globes and CHEs).


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May 9, 2021
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Orange, NSW
Can anyone recommend a thermostat/heat setup?
I use the 'Eco-tech advanced reptile thermostat'. about $100 and works a charm. can setup day and night timers as well as the thermostat function. set with customisable alarms if temp gets too high or low as well. They have a dimmable version of it as well for $150ish.
Dimming version:
hope that helps. sdaji is way more experienced tho so listen to him first lol