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Dec 9, 2020
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Hi all,

It's been a minute since I've posted on a forum and this is my first time here so thanks for adding me to your community.
Greetings and salutations!
I'm an relatively new Stimmie dad (6-7 months ish) (technically Tofu belongs to my daughter but "dad by default").

So at this point I am looking at upgrading Tofu's digs from a hatchling enclosure to more suitably sized accommodation.
Tofu is onto fuzzies and clocks in at around 40cm.
Feeding seems fine (once every 7 days) but we've only had 3 sheds and only 1 that has been complete. I'm hoping that once we move into a new snekhaus this might get better.

My questions:
*What is the ideal size enclosure? I am thinking approx 90cm x 45cm x 45cm. However should I be looking at something 90 high or 90 long? Does it matter?
My understanding is that Stimmies are semi-arboreal, so as long as they have something to climb on they are ok.

* What is the best set up with heat lamps etc? Again my research tells me a day lamp (ceramic?) and a night lamp both auto regulated by a smart thermostat is the way to go.

*Is this what I should be getting thermo-wise or is it overkill?

*If you have the heat lamp there's no need for a heating pad right? I've seen a few vivs on Gumtree etc that are 60cm but come with a heating pad. I imagine this is going to be superfluous once you get the lamp etc in there.

*FB Marketplace example - Not sure if this link works but looking at this type of thing. What are you thoughts on that mesh? Seems like it's not super escape proof. But is this the sort of size that would work?
I know people are selling stuff on here so let me know if the FB Marketplace link isn't kosher. I'd be happy to know if someone has something for sale. My budget is around $250-300 at this stage.
I'm in Brisbane.
I'd rather buy something legit from a fellow snake person than pay full retail because...well, full retail.

Anyhoo TIA for any/all advice.

Here's a pic of Tofu:

Or is this a better size etc?

Thanks again.


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Mar 23, 2020
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Stimmies are pretty small snakes - my guy, Russell, is fully grown at about 115cm (he will probably get a bit fatter, but I'll be surprised if he gets much longer) so you can get away with a smaller cage. Don't always think that bigger is better. My one is the 60cmx45x45 and I think it's a nice fit. He can move around, sit on his stick, plus it has room for a large water bowl (big enough for him to get in) and two places to hide (one warm, with a heat mat on a thermostat, the other away from the heat).

I have a Y shaped stick on the slant leading to a bulb heater on top - I only use that for when it's cooler and also keep an extra thermostat there near the stick basking spot. I used to use infrared bulbs, but they blow so often it's super expensive, so now I have a ceramic one(s) and they're still going after a year. But again, only when I think it's too cool, as the matt is doing a good job.

Russell ate yesterday, so he moved to his rock hide (the warm one) last night, but then he's in his flower pot one today as it's quite a warm day. He loves his pot as he can poke his head out to see what the noise is, but he's still well hidden! I find he prefers to hide than to be on the stick, though he'll come out most nights and cruise around. I can hear him flopping about. When it's cold and the top heater is on, he'll go on his stick, else he's under his rock.

Most folks will say using a heat mat or cord is cheaper to run - always use a thermostat and or dimmer on it. Yes, have multiple temperature gauges if possible.

As for day lamp - are you meaning the UV lamp? I turn it on when I get up, then off around dinner time/sunset. You can set it on a timer, but I do it manually and it's fine.

If his shed isn't complete, he may need a little more humidity or something else to rub on (though that log looks pretty good to me). So maybe just try squirting him/his cage with a little mist of water a couple of times close to his next shed attempt.

As for escape proof mesh - I opted for new, with a "lock" as I've heard so many stories of snakes getting out and I'd rather avoid that. But I'm sure folks will have advice here!


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