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May 26, 2021
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Hi just wanted to get an idea of what lighting brands are good to use. As I started I purchased reptile one lamps and bulbs for my day lights and infrared lighting. I thought I as being smart in purchasing them in bulk at the time but I have the bulbs don’t last long and occasionally they come at of the box not working. I have also found that the lamps themselves don’t last very long either. Could people please recommend lighting brand or options they believe work. I have an exoterra lamp that seems much better but I wanted get people’s thoughts before purchasing more.
I have also moved my heating to undertank which has been much better. Are they’re any preferred manufacturers of head pads people like.
I live in a cool area so I do like to have some heating from above so my snakes heat gradients are consistent when they climb up into their branches.
Cheers, for any help.