Sydney area field herping in May next year - Looking for help or a guide

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Oct 7, 2023
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Hello everybody,

My name is Barna, and I live in Mexico. I have an upcoming trip to Australia next May-June. The whole trip is dedicated to wildlife (from great white sharks to platypus), but I have still no plans, or way for herping. I just learned (on this forum) that winter might actually be good for finding certain species in the Sydney area, but only if I go with somebody who really knows what they are doing.

I understand that poaching is a real probelm, and that for this reason handing out spots, or taking random people out to the cool spots is not really happening. This is why I would be totally open to leave phone behind, not log any GPS locations, and do whatever needed to prove that I am not out for taking any good spots, or catch animals, etc. As much as I care, I could go blindfolded... LOL

I am just a guy, originally from Hungary, who is fascinated by wildlife and built a life trying to see all kinds of critters in their natural habitat. I am not a professional herper, but I did look for snakes in all continents, except Australia (well, of course, I did not really look in Antarctica, I was happy there with the penguins...). I have a small tour company, and I organize and guide wildlife and diving trips, so my hobby and passion is my work too. But I still do this in my free time.

At this point I have some extra time in the beginning and at the end of my trip, and really looking for either a guide (I am happily hiring, paying a guide) or for a fellow herper, who would have the time and would be open to take me to look for some of the local species. I am a person, who is happy with a single lizards, and my whole trip would be made by a carpet python for example... :)

Any tips, recommendations, help is deeply appreciated!

Thank you!

P.S.: I attach some fun photos from my trips in the last three months... (Gabon, Uganda, Costa Rica, Mexico)


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