Sydney woman wakes to red-bellied black snake in bedroom


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Oct 28, 2017
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Jan 18, 2019
By 9News Staff

A woman in Sydney’s southwest got a rude awakening when she discovered a red-bellied black snake slithering across her bedroom floor.

The Holsworthy resident was woken by her dog yesterday morning standing quietly and cautiously at the side of her bed; something out of character.

She contacted professional snake catcher Kane Durrant, who said the 1.2 metre reptile had probably slithered into her home from a creek at the back of the property.
Kane Durrant was called when a 1.2 metre red-bellied black snake was found in a woman's bedroom. (Facebook)
Wild Snake Catcher's Kane Durrant said the snake had come up from a creek at the back of the house to escape the heat. (9news)

“She had a crack in the garage door and that would have been its entry point,” Mr Durrant told

He said the dog was very lucky it remained calm as two days before that he had attended a job where a red-bellied black snake bit a family dog when it approached the snake.

“She ended up with a $3000 vet bill after that one,” Mr Durrant said.

While red-bellied black snakes are venomous and can make a person ill if they bite, they will generally try and avoid humans.

No deaths have been recorded from a red-bellied black snake bite.
The Holsworthy woman woke to her dog standing next to the bed staring. (9news)

The owner of Wild Snake Catchers is urging people to play it safe if they find a snake in their home.

“The best thing to do is remove yourself from the situation. Even if you need to leave the house do so,” he said.

“Pay attention to where it goes and contact the local snake catcher immediately.”

With the recent bout of hot weather, more snakes are making their way into family homes as they search for respite from the extreme conditions.
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