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two carpet pythons with enclosure, heat light,thermostat


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Sep 18, 2017
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IMG_4583.JPG IMG_4583.JPG IMG_4776.JPG IMG_4777.JPG i have two beautiful carpet pythons i have to regretfully pass onto a new home, one female and one male, the male has mated twice before and the female is at a perfect size, i have these two together atm and was going to breed them this year however i have decided to go away for work and no longer able to take care of these lovely animals, the female has a darwin x in her line along with albino from what i was told so would make for a beautiful clutch in the near future, along with the snakes i will happily give the enclosure, glass cabinet with heat light and blue light for night time watching, along with thermostat...
both snakes just shed and are eating well and shedding fine, they handle like a dream, am sad to part with them but they deserve the love and care that i won't be able to give whilst away.

i have to leave in 2 weeks so priced for a quick sale, enclosure is worth $1000 alone, worth buying for just the enclosure...

i am located in port macqaurie nsw, $400 for the lot neg 0432140944
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