Upgrading to an adult size enclosure. Need help and suggestions.



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Feb 6, 2021
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I'm looking to buy an adult size enclosure and setup for my spotted python that's almost 2 years old.

The terrarium I'm looking at buying is the Reptile One Glass Terrarium RTF-900HT which is 90 x 45 x 60cm.
I then came across this full enclosure set they were selling. Which I'm quite interested in getting as it has the terrarium that I want, but I'm not quite sure if the accessories it comes with are great or necessary.
Is this package any good? If not, I would really like some suggestions on what to get instead.

With the current enclosure I have, I'm only using a heat mat in conjunction with a thermostat and a IR temp gun to manage the temperature. So I have no experience in using or managing the temperature with heat lamps or ceramic heat emitters, let alone using either with a heat mat. As it seems in that set its providing both a heat lamp and a heat mat.

I've been trying to search for information regarding which ones are best to use in this situation, but I can't quite get the right answer.
What would be the best way for getting the right temperatures for this terrarium?
I would really appreciate it if anyone can give me links to which products I should get individually instead with this terrarium.



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Jan 8, 2019
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No no no, please do not get that kit!! Holy overpay!! Half of it you don’t even need

glass enclosures are very iffy in regards to temps, it really depends on your house, they either work or they don’t hold heat for ****
Your best bet is to find a local cabinet maker or reptile enclosure builder and get them to make an enclosure made of melamine, for reference my 4x2 enclosures cost 200~ to make, including heat cord, and then using paper cat litter for substrate (substrate doesn’t cost much anyway) + a thermostat will cost 120$

if you want to use overhead heating that’s fine, just get a cage for the light so snakey doesn’t touch it :) hope this helps

assuming you’re in nsw, I would recommend medusas reptile enclosures on Facebook, by far one of the best enclosure builders

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