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WANTED Eastern Bluetongues

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Aug 14, 2021
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Wooli, NSW
Hi everyone,

I am after a single individual/pair of Eastern Bluetongue/s (Tiliqua scincoides). No fussed on genetics as I already have a male with nice genetics.
At the moment am not fussed on specific age, but would prefer 12+ months (to be ready for breeding next season).
Located in the Grafton region but am willing to travel for the right individuals (covid restrictions permitting), anywhere south of the QLD border to an hour south of Coffs Harbour.

I am happy to take unwanted reptiles as well, as these may work into future breeding plans.
All licensed and experienced (qualified Zoologist/Ecologist).

Let me know of anything that is available (single/pairs).

Please txt 0401161480 or email [email protected]

Thanks in advance.

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