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NSW Wanted: Green Tree Pythons


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May 20, 2016
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Looking for green tree pythons to expand my bloodline. Downsizing some carpets to concentrate on greens.

I have multiple breeding animals for swap or sale.

1 x male proven breeder albino darwin 7 years old
1 x female albino darwin 5 years old not bred yet
1 x female zeb jungle proven breeder 4 years old
1 x male zeb jungle 2 years old sired a clutch this season
1 x male zeb jungle jag 2 years old sired a clutch this season

Show me what you have. Will travel for the right animals. Also will be happy to sell you back a hatchling at a discounted price once they breed out next season under agreement.

Preferably looking to swap out all or some for the right greens.

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